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Dear Parents,

                 Please follow the entry and dismissal procedures in an effort to provide a safe passage for students.  Thanks in advance for not blocking residential and school driveways. Do not block staff parking lot on Ambler. When you are dropping/picking up your students, please park your cars to receive your students. Follow the Gate signs to pick up your child. Thanks again for your support to the Ambler Community. Sign up for our Valet Service, we need your support! See Ms. May, Parent Rep., Room 25.


Entrance Procedure:

On regular days, students in grades 1 – 5 will enter through Gate 7.  During the rainy days, valet service will be on Sherman Drive. Students will enter through the auditorium.  Magnet students and Special Education students who ride the school bus will enter through Gate 2 even on rainy days.  All K will enter/exit through Gate 5 even on rainy days.  All late students (8:04 a.m.) will enter through the auditorium. 

Dismissal Procedure:

Please follow the procedure below. Again park your car and receive your child from the gate. Parents do not park in staff parking lot at any time.  All gates will be closed at 2:40 p.m. 





Gate 1

R. Green

Rm. 7,8,10,22

Sherman Drive

Gate 2

R. Hamilton/C. Laurent

Grades 1-5 Magnet/Sp. Ed. bus students Rm. 29,31,32

Billings Drive

Gate 3

R. Furlow/W. Wynne/E. Avila/ M. Allen/L. Thomas, T. Iwuagwu/

B. McNeil

E. Perez/B. Thomas

C. Woods/A. Foster/C. Carbonell

29, 31, 32

P.S.C.  Rm. 11


PALS Rm. 9 (12:30)

Billings Drive

Gate 4

B. Kebede/E. Perez/A. Weathersby

ETK Rm. 5

Billings Drive

Gate 5

A. Verceles/ C. Woods

TK-Kindergarten Rm. 3,4, 6

Billings Drive

   Gate 5A


Rm. 23

169th Street

Gate 6

K. Hamilton


169th Street

        Gate 7

R. Perry

Rm. 12,13,14,15,16,17,18, 19, 20 All Magnet students who don’t ride the bus

Ambler Avenue



R.Gatewood a.m.

J. Turner a.m./p.m.

J. Building Restrooms/Collecting P.E. Equipment

Playground/Ball Box

       Gate 8

Late Pick up

R. Green/After-School Staff

All Students who are picked up after 2:40 will be stationed at Afterschool pick up gate.

Sherman Drive